The secret to success is not to keep secrets.

Which is why we want to share our secrets with you! Our business is to streamline your business. We’ve spent years putting together a system to launch small businesses from the dream-stage into a reality.

We know that running a small business takes time. Time you don’t have enough of. This is where we come in. We have the resources to help your business get to the next level, and we’d love to share them with you in your path to success. When everyone else is telling you “NO,” we have the resources to give you an emphatic “YES!”

We go the extra mile because that’s our nature, just like it’s in yours.

We are so thankful for our clients, and who make it possible for us to live our dreams by helping us to realize theirs.

Principles of our work


The beauty in small business is working with someone who you know you’re helping directly. Because we are a small business that works with small businesses, you always know who you’re talking to. We don’t like being misled any more than you do, so we maintain a policy of integrity and expect you to do the same.


Because we communicate with lenders, the credit bureaus, and the IRS, precision is extremely important. We strive to make sure your information is correct so you have the best possible chances of being approved by lenders, as well as claiming the highest number of deductions on your taxes.


We are so blessed in this day and age with technology that helps us be efficient. With our modern, updated funding portal, we are able to see exactly what you need to get approved and chart out a path toward approval with the shortest time frame.


Tenacity is “the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly,” and we get this quality from this company’s founder. Our founder is well-known for not giving up (sometimes to a fault), but he always comes through for our clients and goes the extra mile to help them, even at odd hours from coast to coast. We are determined to get you the funding you need to go forward, and as long as you are equally determined, it will happen.

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Take control of your business finances. Let our qualified coaches help you sort out your cash flow and get money to make more money.

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Most small businesses overpay in taxes each year. Let our accounting team find the deductions you’re missing.

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Branding & Marketing

Approximately half of small businesses don’t have a website. Don’t be one of them.

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