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Business credit is a specialized field, and much of what you find on the internet is untrue or out of date.

Business Credit 101 is a fully immersive online course designed to help you quickly and efficiently GET REAL CREDIT AND FUNDING FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

The course includes a workbook, printables, and hours of video lessons spread over 10 modules. Take the course over 10 weeks, or pay in full to get it all right now!

This class is the culmination of years of research and experience working with small business owners and financial institutions. We have compiled the most relevant information that YOU NEED to succeed financially and get the funding and credit to help you manage your cash flow and thrive.

Best of all… no more damaging hard inquiries on your personal credit! 

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  • Module 1: Business Credit Basics

    How to structure your business to maximize financing potential.

  • Module 2: Dun & Bradstreet

    Discover the secrets Dun&Bradstreet uses to score your business, and how you can use their own strategies to your advantage.

  • Module 3: How Accounts Report

    Learn how your trade lines and accounts report your payments and master the art of paying your bills at the perfect moment.

  • Module 4: FICO Small Business Score

    The SBSS is growing in popularity and is used to prescreen SBA loans. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Module 5: Professional Website & Email

    Increasing your credit worthiness through proper use of your business website.

  • Module 6: Intro To Experian & Equifax

    How to fully understand your Corporate Equifax and Experian credit ratings & learn which lenders use them.

  • Module 7: How To Build Business Credit FAST

    Discover how to build your business credit rating in as little as 30 to 90 days.

  • Module 8: Monitor & Report

    How to monitor and dispute inaccuracies on your business credit report and get them removed.

  • Module 9: Get Listed!

    Multiply your borrowing power by getting listed with strategic online sources.

  • Module 10: How To Use Credit To Lower Your Costs

    Discover how your good business credit can reduce overhead in any business. (This course will pay for itself)

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Learn how to structure or restructure a business for maximum credibility
How to get a DUNS #
How to establish initial credit
How to access your business credit report with all three bureaus
How to dispute inaccuracies on your reports
Learn what lenders are looking for during the underwriting process
Access to starter trade lines to begin building credit
How to dispute inaccuracies on your reports
How to use business credit to lower your costs
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