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David Emery, Founder

Emery Advisory Group has helped my company get access to money for my business that I never knew I was able to get before. As a small business owner, it was very hard to come up with the capital I needed. With the help of Dave and his team I was able to get the cash flow I needed to help improve my business. It is a great relief to have the company and business advisors at my fingertips whenever needed. I would highly recommend their services. The business finance suite is the best option and you will not be disappointed. Happy customer!

thumb Jennifer Smith
March 23, 2018

I took a Business Credit 101 online course with David Emery. I wish I knew many of the covered things when I started my first business in the US. It has been cash flow positive and profitable since inception, BUT it has no built business credit. Crazy, is it not? Now, I am launching another company, and the obtained knowledge will definitely help me progress faster and, most importantly, smarter

thumb Antra Getzoff
May 17, 2018

Emery Advisory Group is awesome! They've put together quality content that is pertinent to any business owner looking to grow their business. I've enjoyed working with them. Brenda's excitement about their program is what got me excited. Everyone I've spoken to is genuinely passionate about what they do and how they can help. This makes their customer service phenomenal! Seriously, I feel like a VIP every time I talk to them. The time investment required to dominate this course is extremely reasonable too. I've got a team of me, myself and I, so I have to budget every minute. However, the return on time invested has been well worth it. Love these guys! 🙂

thumb Joel and Ashlee Starn
February 16, 2018

The information, online course and insight that David Emery and his team provide business owners especially start-ups is INVALUABLE. To all business owners after you get your business registered with the state, your next step is to contact the Emery Advisory Group. Take it from me, the help you get where you need to be and that's cash flowing.

thumb rhonda scarbrough
April 28, 2018

The information in this program was priceless. After receiving the course I started putting the information to good use. I have been in business for several years, my biggest problem was how do I grow my business without using my own money. Without access to mainstream financing I found myself struggling to pay all the bills at the end of every month. This course changed everything. Within 5 months of following the instructions, I was able to build a business profile that not only allowed me to gain the credit and financing that I needed to grow my business, It also brought me a air of respectability that I was missing. I would recommend this course to anyone in business. This course has changed my business future and has allowed me to sleep at night. Big thanks to David Emery and the Emery Advisory Group! now My future is so bright I have got to wear shades!

thumb Peter Robinson
February 3, 2018